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Some things to remember when you make an interview

12 octubre 2011 • By
  1. Dot product is a value expressing the angular relationship between two vectors
  2. Cross product is an operation on two vectors. The cross product of two vectors produces a third vector which is perpendicular to the plane in which the first two lie.
  3. Take some vitamins for remember that and explain directly … -_- all days using that in shaders and I make that stupid and basic mistakes.
  4. Oooolé


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Fling joystick for iPad and iPhone

1 septiembre 2011 • By

Definitely the digital pads or sticks in a game of touch screens depends of our oil in our hands and how much the screen is cleaned. To solve this other product of Tenone Designs, fling.

Useful for games!


Really good idea, based in spanier innovation (this spiral in stick)

You can see a version for iPhone, “Lling mini”, bad thing… impossible to see the screen, for that you have other external pad with stick iControlPad.




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Inklet, trackpad tablet for MacBook

1 septiembre 2011 • By

Searching for pens like Bamboo Stylus I saw an interesting website that I never seen before, with many awards with its programs. I prefer Bamboo Stylus but you can see here an application for use our MacBook trackpad like a Wacom tablet with pressure recognition too and use a pen like Bamboo Stylus or Pogo Sketch, both with no pressure tracking inside the pen. Really useful low-cost tablet like Wacom products, only the pen and full-version software, but there is a free-version with pop-up too.

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Bamboo Paper wish list

1 septiembre 2011 • By

I miss some features in Bamboo Paper:

  • Layers
  • Export and attach file exported to PSD in a mail
  • More color for books
  • More colors for pen
  • Remember colors used
  • More pens styles
  • Brushes!

With that we have… digital Inkling! 😀