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Aspect Ratio and Context Menu

12 septiembre 2009 • By

Hi there! now I have assigned 1.3 aspect ratio and created context menu for to select easily between effects. Shortcut is available with function keys too, F1-F10.

This is the end of the first lite version using glut. Is a lightweight version, I will use Qt for a complete and complex version in the future. Example of use:

>ModelViewer path/creatures/bigdady2
>ModelViewer path/creatures/bigdady2/otherName.obj

So easy, I will explain better in other moment but you only need OpenGL 2.0 support and a model with .mtl file with a correct format.

Aspect Ratio and Context Menu

Aspect Ratio and Context Menu

GUI, Programming

Style Sheet demo released

14 abril 2009 • By

Today is a good day 🙂

I have in my download page a demo version of NSS Engine style sheet with 2 sided 3D widgets and a crazy No Siesta Logo.

You can modify the graphic in the folder data/GUI/ and reloading the application, really I change this in real time without problem, but the stylesheet editor widget is deactivated in demo.

  • GUI is now fixed in tabs and other little things
  • Transparency active, 10%
  • The application open some port, for Account Server and World Server, this is actived by default always in NSS Engine, sorry, you can block this ports if you desire so 🙂

Go to download page

or click here for Direct Download

Some screenshots:

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GUI system finished!

8 abril 2009 • By


Many time… many resources, many source code and testing for to do a 3D embedded Graphical User Interface really powerful, flexible and all elements skineable! And! open graphics resources for that any people can to change all GUI graphics.

These is only a first version of inventory, I have many others widgets but I like to show this:

Initial Version of inventory

Initial Version of inventory

What is “double click here”? 🙂
GUI flip!

As soon as possible… a demo 🙂