I check today Bamboo Paper with my iPad, is a free application that you can use for paint like a notebook, it has a good work with write sensibility, some type of pen, and pen sizes. I used my finger with good feeling, obviously if you have a tablet pen like Bamboo Stylus it’s better.

If you have an iPad and use your iPad for write design notes, fast art design like a note for Game Designer for example Bamboo Paper is a good deal. It’s free, you can save pages like images, send by eMail, print and if you have Bamboo Stylus you will have the best friend for write. There are other stylus in the market, but the feeling with professional products of Wacom always is good, if you want to pay 30€ for Bamboo Stylus of course.

Is a low cost alternative to Wacom Inkling for programmers, game designers and anyone wants to make notes with iPad2 attached to LCD and many other uses. Bamboo paper cover the normal use for me really and with that app Wacom Inkling is a whim really.

Bamboo Paper has 3 modes of paper style, blank, lines and squares. Like paper notebook, really useful for study, school, and PLEASE for high school students and university students! In home kids too… I can’t think in a kid with an iPad going to school but yes with iPads inside classrooms. If you pay 1.59€ / 2$ USD you can create more notebooks. 1 for notes, 1 for mathematics with square style paper… for me it’s very useful.

Consider Bamboo Paper app like a practice and low-cost alternative to Wacom Inkling.