Inkling is the perfect solution for any person that use paper for your thinks, yes, some people, like me, prefer write things in a paper, ideas, scenes of a project, programming design; boxes, arrows, maths formulas. Wacom has a product for us: Inkling

I watch this video yesterday:

I think some problems when I watched this video, about layers, you cannot see the layer directly in Photoshop and maybe you can make mistakes. But, Wacom software think about that and have a solution 🙂

I need to say that idea is not new, exists other product but only for Windows and more older. But is a low-price solution, iNote Taker:

With this hardware you can see directly in the screen that you are doing, obviously is like a mouse, like other products of Wacom (Intous, Bamboo… etc.). I’m not sure if you can do with Inkling real-time use. Is it necessary? I believe not really. Is not designed for that.

For all people that want a solution paper to document and don’t loose digital advances Inkling is perfect! I’m glad to see a product that directly solve the problems of many situations 🙂