If you download the last version of freeglut (2.6.0) in theory haves support for Windows 7, yes, compile and link well but when you try to write any message in the window appear japanese symbols etc… 😀

You need to change a thing that is supported for WinCE:
freeglut_window.c, line 36:

static wchar_t* fghWstrFromStr(const char* str)
    int i,len=strlen(str);
    wchar_t* wstr = (wchar_t*)malloc(2*len+2);
    for(i=0; i
#       pragma comment( lib, "Aygshell.lib" )
#   endif

#endif /* defined(_WIN32_WCE) */

And in all SetWindowText, before to call this function just need to convert text like fghWstrFromStr:

wchar_t* wstr = fghWstrFromStr(title);
SetWindowText( fgStructure.CurrentWindow->Window.Handle, wstr );