Yesterday I tried to detect more edges than silhouette and mix the new Model Viewer with Deferred Rendering and my new FPS control. That FPS control has information about current FPS, elapsed time of all frames / frames and for example discarted frames if you have really bad FPS. This is a strong FPS control that provide low CPU and GPU consumption at 25 FPS. Really good for a tool if you have many others. ASAP I will say more about that, I need to explain that better.

Now the pics about my edge detect based on depth buffer and matrix3x3 convolution gaussian antialias and 5 lights, only 1 for generate Bump Mapping:

As you can see in pics I have a cut in the right arm of this experimental model of animal. This is a texturing problem solved in many places for delete borders. I believe this problem it is needed to be fixed before you render a model by 3D artist. For example see a model of Assasin´s Creed in gallery or here:

Assasin's Creed model

Assasin's Creed model

You need to search the center model and look at the tunic, normal mapping has bad borders but, is in a great place this border :). This model has Ambient Occlussion, Specular Map and really god ligthing model. My last render only has Diffuse Map and Normal Map like Doom 3. Juan Carlos Abraldes sent to me yesterday more maps for the model, static AO, specular, height map and a cavity map for experiement. Abral has a web site if you want see his creations. I trying to render in real time a zBrush model:

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