Hi there OpenPandora comunity!

I have great news today, No Siesta Studios will make a port of NSS Engine for OpenPandora. The strategy of our company is release multiplatform games for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux and now for OpenPandora officially.

We are doing a public wiki at: www.nosiestastudios.com/wiki for to publish documentation of NSS Engine and the Game Editor.

We have a game under development but, the rules, documentation and so on, it’s not public yet. This game it’s for to see if it is possible to sell professional videogames for OpenPandora and GNU/Linux platforms. The first product released will be a RPG medieval battle “only”, with single and multiplayer modes. Like BattleNet and Starcraft / Shining Force, I believe… and later depends of sales will be ported to OpenPandora all releases of No Siesta Studios videogames.

Download page it’s updated! New version of NSS Engine and 2 demos for Windows are released. When I will have NSS corporate OpenPandora I will make the port of our GNU/Linux viewer 🙂

I hope that to make professional videogames for OpenPandora will be so good for our company. I bet on it!

Download Page